T.J. Jackson

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T.J. Jackson (Ta-Ke-Ra-Ton) Storming, Snow, Heavy Snowfall 

T.J. Jackson is a singer/songwriter, and is a Mohawk from the Akwesasne Mohawk reservation which is located on the boundaries of the state of N.Y. and the provinces of Quebec & Ontario.  

T.J. Jackson was introduced to entertainment at the very young age of six years old when the would dance the shuffle in local bars while his dad and grandfather collected the nickels, dimes and quarters that were thrown at him while he danced.  Although T.J.'s mom and grandmother weren't so amused about this after finding out after doing laundry next door to the bar where the laundromat was located.  But T.J.'s musical career started long before that when he would emulate his favorite signers in secrecy. 

T.J. has been a musician for over thirty years and has been in many cover bands over the years.  His influences are Elvis (both his parents were big Elvis fans) Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and the list goes on.  T.J. is also an Elvis Tribute Artist who performs regularly around N.Y. State and Ontario , Canada.  

T.J. latest project is a compilation of songs he has written in the last few years, clearly you can hear where his influence in music comes from.