About Us

Sunshine Records was founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1974. Since this time Sunshine has operated from Winnipeg's storied North End. We began building our catalogue of music titles with Manitoba fiddling legend Reg Bouvette, the gifted Country yodeler Stew Clayton, and a very talented Cree songwriter named Winston Wuttenee.

Now, in 2009, we have over 1000 releases under our belt and have expanded into five main lines of music: Native American, Fiddle, Polka, Ukrainian, and Trucker's Music.

We take our music titles all the way from our studio to the end user -You! Although our recordings have received numerous awards over the many years we have been in business our real definition of success is when we bring music that matters into the lives of people around the world who care about music made by real people for real people.

We enjoy making music for people who care about the magic that music brings on a homegrown level. We like to produce music that reminds you of your hometown or your grandmother's kitchen. Our artists know the people that they play for at weddings, Pow Wows, Zabavas, or Polka fests.

Sunshine music celebrates your life and your heritage!

If you are like us we can bet you love music and it plays an important role in your lives. We also know that your interest in culture and heritage goes beyond music and because of this we will be offering you a wide range of goods that go along with your music and your heritage.

But our site is more than just a store: it is a chance to learn more about your favorite artists and musical genres. We don’t just run a company here at Sunshine, we’re fans too!