Joe Maxim Band

Joe Maxim Band is an 6 man alternative Country/Rock/Blues band. The band is made up of musicians that have changed players over times and is based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Originally the band started out as Slowhand but as the band struggled to find their identity and talents, a new band emerged. JMB was founded by brothers Calvin and Curtis Nepinak. JMB’s musical influences include the Eagles, Eric Clapton, Matchbox 20, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eddie Rabbit, Waylon Jennings, Rolling Stones and Billy Joel. The 6 musicians comprised of JMB include brothers Calvin and Curtis Nepinak, the backbone and originators of JMB. The band are a dedicated and talented team of musicians of different musical tastes and genres brought together to combine their styles to make up for the JMB harmony. JMB is focused on their goal of getting their music listened to by every musical ear out there.