Off The Floor Joe Maxim Band

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  1. All The Time In The World – Subdudes
  2. Down South Jukin – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  3. Wagon Wheel – Traditional
  4. Hey Tonight – C.C.R.
  5. Heard It In A Love Song – Marshall Tucker
  6. Indian Car – Keith Secola
  7. JMB Special – Joe Maxim Band – Curtis/Calvin Nepinak
  8. Lil Miss Goodtimes – Calvin Nepinak (Rig Publishing )
  9. Muddy Waters – Stonewall Jackson
  10. T For Texas – Jimmy Rogers
  11. Waymore Blues – Waylon Jennings
  12. The Weight – Robbie Robertson 

Joe Maxim Band is an 6 man alternative Country/Rock/Blues band. The band is made up of musicians that have changed players over times and is based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Originally the band started out as Slowhand but as the band struggled to find their identity and talents, a new band emerged. JMB was founded by brothers Calvin and Curtis Nepinak. JMB’s musical influences include the Eagles, Eric Clapton, Matchbox 20, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eddie Rabbit, Waylon Jennings, Rolling Stones and Billy Joel. The 6 musicians comprised of JMB include brothers Calvin and Curtis Nepinak, the backbone and originators of JMB. The band are a dedicated and talented team of musicians of different musical tastes and genres brought together to combine their styles to make up for the JMB harmony. JMB is focused on their goal of getting their music listened to by every musical ear out there.

Curtis Nepinak is the main singer and Rhythm guitarist for the band. Calvin Nepinak is the spokesperson/manager/Guitarist of the band. The brothers love of music was inspired by late father Joe Maxim, whom the band is named after. JMB has played at numerous bar venues and private functions in Manitoba and neighbouring provinces. Their musical training started at an early age with a musical family background. Curtis started out on the drums and worked his vocals to accomplish the voice of the band today. It was playing guitar with his brother Calvin where they developed an interest in pursuing music to see where their music would take them. Over time they desired to assemble a crew of committed musicians to perform quality Country/Rock/Blues music.

After years of performances at bars, private venues and local functions, The brothers searched and hoped to find dedicated musicians in the Winnipeg area. As time passed, talented musicians answered as prospective future JMB band members. Over time JMB has compiled a diverse knowledge of musical styles to contribute their talent to JMB. Andy Dick, Joe Campbell, Jeff McKenize and brothers Calvin and Curtis hit if off and developed a strong friendship that is the core of the band. Over the past years they performed well-received acoustic shows of their Country/Rock/Blues styles to infuse their elements of style and fine-tuning their stage presentation to create the sound and live show of JMB. JMB are establishing themselves as the “ Band to see!” and to develop a devout following in their home province of Manitoba, and branching out from there.