ZHARTIH EE SMEEHIH (Jokes and Laughter) - Ukrainian Oldtimers
BRCD 2064

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This recording is made for all of you who have a great sense of humour and are not easily offended by raunchy humour. If you enjoy this recording tell everyone about it and bring it to every party you attend. In case you don't care for it - Don't tell anyone about it, just throw it out your window and we hope no one finds it. So get ready to take off your hat, let your hair down and have a "Belly Laugh" like you never had before.
01. Fah-Fah-Fah
02. Farm Dillies
03. Old Timers Classics
04. Up Your Nose With a Rubber Hose
05. Let It All Hang Out
06. Barn Yard Bykih
07. More Bull Sh_t
08. Barn Yard Billies