Wasn't that a party - The Ukrainian Oldtimers
BRCD 2044

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01. Old Lady Kolomeyka
02. Stawrih-Kih
03. Billy Goat
04. Valley River Polka
05. Pyrybihriyou Kozak
06. Hoopa-Shuppa
07. Ukrainian Wedding March
08. McCormick Deering Polka
09. Heel n' Toe Polka
10. Gras Hopper Polka
11. Stiffon Waltz
12. Rodgers Polka
13. Wasn't That A Party

"Volume 7" from the Ukrainian Old Timers is a dust-raising, foot-stomping, good times, party album. This great mix of straightforward Ukrainian Old Time Music contains the hilarious rendition of "Wasn't That A Party", as well as Polkas, Kozaks, and Kolomeyka's. Nobody know a party better than the Ukrainian Old Timers, so come along and get ready for one great time!