Ukrainian Wedding - Ukrainian Old Timers
BRCD 2084

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Mention to anyone (Ukrainian or not) the words “Ukrainian Wedding” and visions of scrumptious food, good cheer, lively music, and an atmosphere of vibrant festivity comes to mind. We have tried to capture the essence of the festive spirit that is a Ukrainian Wedding by combining traditional songs and new melodies, set to a lively tempo, played as they were meant to be. You will enjoy the sounds of violin, accordion, guitars, drums and cymbally as they dance freely through melodies. Memories of a culture that is as beautiful and captivating as it is dear to all in our hearts. So turn on your stereo, plug in the music, turn up the volume and before you know it you feet will begin tapping and you’ll be dancing and singing to the sound of a “Ukrainian Wedding “. We hope that you will enjoy this recording as much as we “the Ukrainian old timers” enjoyed recording this project. 
1. Traditional Ukrainian Wedding March
2. Saskatchewan Wedding March
3. Vesilniy March
4. Privtanya Wedding March
5. Gypsy Wedding March
6. The Wedding Song
7. Finska Wedding Watlz
8. Vesilnaw Polka
9. Zaruchyny
10. Darovanya Presentation
11. Hootsee Moyee Hootsee
12. Courting Presentation
13. Going to get married
14. Mother and Bride’s Song
15. Stawra Baba/ Stawray Deed
16. Domoyou Chih Nihtih
17. Best man and Usher’s song
18. Moloda Brides Sings
19. Bridal Party Presentation
20. Bride’s Presentation
21. Mnohiya-Leeyta
22. Wedding Butterfly