Ukrainian Rhapsody - Yogi Klos
BRCD 2101

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Welcome to one of the finest Ukrainian fiddle recordings you will ever find. Fiddle prodigy Yogi Klos has goes back to his Ukrainian roots and has crafted unique and precious melodies into a recording that will give you countless hours of listening pleasure.
This superb collection swings with virtuoso duets and sizzles with blazing solos. The fiddle an essential part of Ukrainian music is the spark that ignites the fire that illuminates yogi’s musical genius. You will also find yourself touched by his heart felt vocals and soothed by the tender notes of his mandolin.
For over forty years Yogi Klos has been one of Canada’s most dynamic entertainers. Now he has poured all his heart and soul into his incredible CD. “Ukrainian Rhapsody”. A rhapsody is synonymous with the unbridled joy of experiencing life’s great pleasures. Baba’s records assure you that listening to Yogi’s Ukrainian Rhapsody is truly one of them. Experience and enjoy.
1. Ukrainian Rhapsody
2. Siyanka
3. Girls of Ukraine
4. Ukrainian dancers
5. E-Shoomit
6. Moodray Soloman
7. Ukrainska Kolomeyka
8. Polka of Lviv
9. Hryrenchnitsi
10. Wedding march of Carpathia
11. The Wedding Ceremony