Ukrainian Music & Songs - The Northern Kings
BRCD 2115

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The Northern Kings are always an experience in lively genuine Ukrainian music.  An evening with the Kings, whether in the comfort of your own home or in public, will assure an occasion filled with delightful songs and dances.  Whether it be waltzes, slow and easy as though rolling through endless landscapes, or polkas at breathtaking speed, inviting creative dance movements, you will soon become involved.

1.    Dulcimer Polka (Instrumental)
2.    The Sick Duck Song (Vocal)
3.    The Best On The Farm (Vocal)
4.    White Earth Polka (Instrumental)
5.    Home On The Farm (Vocal)
6.    Wheels Of Life (Instrumental)
7.    The Bull Is Home (Vocal)
8.    The Frogs Wedding Song (Vocal)
9.    Sawridge Polka (Instrumental)
10.    The Young Soldier (Vocal)
11.    Award Winning Dulcimer Polka No. 2 (Instrumental)