Ukrainian Favorites - The Five Gents
BRCD 2108

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Over the years Johnny Kinasewich and The Five Gents have become known far and wide for their unique style of music.  This style is a soft and easy sound which is very relaxing to listen to.  On behalf of Johnny Kinasewich, Johnny Shandro, Bob Rubuliak, Metro Nowchuk and Dennis Kinasewich, I wish you many hours of listening pleasure.

1.    Kossaks March
2.    Broken Heart Waltz
3.    Eastern Polka
4.    Quiet Danube Waltz
5.    Accordion Polka
6.    Preyde Pora
7.    Katrushka Polka
8.    Mountain Waltz
9.    Green Forest Polka
10.    Accordion Waltz
11.    Ukrainian Fox Trot
12.    Five Gents Theme