Together Again - The Interlake Polka Kings
BRCD 2085

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Is seems like only yesterday that "The Interlake Polka Kings" were one of the most popular bands to rule the radio and television airwaves and dance halls in western Canada, enjoyed big-time success in the "Old Time" and Ukrainian music field. In fact though, almost 40 years (1964) have passed since Bill and Mary Woloshyn, Stan Kaskiw and Dennis Nykoliation became the heart of the group and went on to become one of the top bands in their field.
The Interlake Polka Kings would like to pay special tribute to the late Mike Uhryniuk, a talented violinist who was the leader of a dance band in Manitoba's Interlake region, where Bill Woloshyn first played back in the 1950's.
01. Zabava Polka
02. Olivia's Polka
03. Vidse Hora
04. Solodka Faiyna Liobka
05. Summer Breezes Waltz
06. Oy Haiyou Mie Haiyou
07. Woyenko Polka
08. Mother's Flowers
09. A Good One Polka
10. Te Moyie Sontse
11. Oy Pela Pela
12. Chom Doob ne Zeleney
13. O Yakey Zhe Toa Preyatiel
(What A Friend We Have In Jesus)
14. Ne Teper Ne Teper Polka
15. Zhoda w Rodeniey
16. Whalen's Polka