The Zabava Show - Various Artists
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The “Zabava” means party in the Ukrainian language and that’s what Ukrainians do well.  Throughout the years Ukrainian people have been fond of their culture especially there music.  There has been many Ukrainian radio shows throughout Western Canada, but the most popular has been the Zabava Show.

The Zabava Show is still popular to this very day in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  As a rule people would quickly complete their chores and relax around the radio to listen to the Zabava Show.  Lively Ukrainian music would fill the air waves usually for a whole hour.  Here the people would not only hear their favorite music but would learn about New Releases of the performers as well as be informed where the groups could be heard at a local function.  In some cases the radio personalities would announce not only special events but send out dedications and celebration notices.

All in all the Zabava show has played an integral part in molding the Ukrainian culture to what it is today.

Baba’s Records has compiled “24 Selections” by “24 Ukrainian Artists” for your own personal collection of a “Zabava Show”.  Bring it to your next Zabava or enjoy it in your personal environment.


The Zabava Show 


  1. Zabava, Zabava - The Ukrainian Oldtimers 
  2. Hryrechnitsi - Yogi Klos 
  3. Marriage Proposal - Mickey N' Bunny 
  4. Easy Polka - Dennis Nykoliation 
  5. Karpawtaw Fox-Trot - Romko
  6. Walking By Your Window - Ukrainian Canadians 
  7. Mountain Waltz - Five Gents 
  8. Kapusta Polka - Kapusta Kids 
  9. Fedora Polka - Prairie Rose 
  10. Mom's Foxtrot - The Playboys 
  11. Trembowlanka - Kubasonics 
  12. Ukrainian Folk Medley - Walter Ostanek 
  13. The Young Soldier - Northern Kings 
  14. Vesit Yabiko - Migrena 
  15. HIghland Schottische - Prairie Crocus 
  16. A Walk In The Garden - The Citulsky's 
  17. Favorite Polka - Joe Hrycyk 
  18. Ole Staraw - Peter Hnatiuk 
  19. Beyond The Mountain _ Anton Ewaskiuk 
  20. Vihlyadala Hlopstya - Met-Telic-Kih 
  21. Forever Mine Polka - Tommy Buick 
  22. Calder Fire Butterfly 
  23. Hill Top Waltz 
  24. Zabava Polka