The Northern Troubadours
BRCD 2140

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The Northern Troubadours are not new in the field of Ukrainian Music.  Their popularity at Ukrainian weddings, dances, banquets, and Radio performances have made this release possible.  There have been many outstanding legendary performers from the prairies of Alberta and Johnny Barteski is no exception.  His music will be cherished by many especially those that danced to his music over the many years.
The Northern Troubadours are truly “Ambassadors” of Ukrainian Music.  Let the legend of there music live on forever.

1.    Johnny’s Polka
2.    Wedding Polka (vocal)
3.    Troubadour Waltz
4.    B.C. By Golly (vocal)
5.    Chychul Polka
6.    My Loving Girl (vocal)
7.    Calder Fire Butterfly
8.    Our Mother (vocal)
9.    Two Fish Waltz
10.    Green Forests (vocal)
11.    Dulcimer Polka
12.    Wedding Presentation (vocal)