The Legendary Peter Lamb
BRCD 2065

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01. Sundown Polka
02. Lamb's Waltz
03. Polka From Oakburn
04. Patty's Dauphin Waltz
05. Cossack From Seech
06. An Orchard Romance
07. Riverside Polka
08. Mae's Favorite
09. Polka Veed Farmi
10. Klopeet Smoozom
11. Kolomayka Veed Dauphin
12. Soldier's Dying Request
Peter Lamb was a master of Traditional Old time Ukrainian music, which to this day cannot be duplicated. Peter started playing the dulcimer at an early age and then switched to the fiddle and became known as "The Fiddler" whose music could keep a crowd dancing to the wee hours of the morning. His love of entertaining was a burning passion for him and playing music was his life. In his 60-year music career he played at countless Weddings and it was not uncommon for Peter to play many second generation Weddings.

It gives me great pleasure to release this masterpiece in memory of my father (Peter Lamb). As a child I had to privilege of growing up in a home where music was a constant source of enjoyment. I enjoy the memories of playing accordion with dad at many Weddings, Socials, Dances and Radio programs for twelve years.