The Legendary - Jim Gregrash
BRCD 2077

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01. Carpathian Polka
02. Lover's Waltz
03. White Lily Waltz
04. Kozak's Kolomeyka
05. Westerland's Waltz
06. Rocking Romeo
07. Continental Waltz
08. Rainbow Waltz
09. Ukrainian Anniversary Waltz
10. Heel n' Toe Polka
11. Fall Time Polka
12. Moonlite Waltz
13. Old Country Waltz
14. The Canadian Polka
15. Blue Ribbon Schottische
16. Farmers Kolomeyka
17. Black Velvet Waltz
18. Hard Time Polka
A family friend introduced Jim to the violin at seven years of age. Jim was fascinated by this violin and within a short time he was able to compose tunes. Having a keen ear for music, by age fourteen Jim was able to compete with the "Best of the Old Time Fiddlers" and compose "by ear". Jim was soon in demand to play at "three day weddings" which were the custom at that time. This would just be the start of what would become a very long and successful career.