Reunion - Mickey & Bunny
BRCD 2070

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01. This Canada of Ours
02. Marriage Proposal
03. Prahnoot Ochka Prahnoot
04. Wishing Well
05. Oy Sveedsi Hora
06. Vesele Veseelia
07. Chi Tu Ya Diwchina
08. Temnay Lees
09. Na Chornim Poli
10. Veed Loza Do Loza
11. Hosa Horasa
12. Kolomeyka
"Bonus Track"
De Zhoda Vrodini
Reunions take place in many different forms: school, company, church and family reunions occur every year. This reunion is a little different, it's about a male and a female entertainer who decided to reunite after 32 years. Mickey and Bunny were the very first Ukrainian performers to introduce a new style of Ukrainian Music to Canada and they're back together again.
Every Ukrainian Canadian will remember their great hit "This Land Is Your Land" which sold over 50,000 copies within 3 weeks of its release. They may even remember the sold out performances in Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Montreal, Las Vegas, Reno, Detroit, New York City, and countless other communities accross North America.