BRCD 2103

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1. Reflections of a Ukrainian Christmas
2. boh predveechnay
3. Oo veflememee
4. Boh Syarazdiyeh
5. Sjvata Neech
6. Nedo ee Zemlia
7. What child is this
8. Maria
9. Little Town of Bethlehem
10. Na Nebee Zeerka
11. Poh Vsomoo Sveetoo
12. O come all ye Faithful
13. Vih-Tie ee soosih
14. Shchedrek
15. Veselih Svyat
16. Christmas Greeting
You might be sitting alone or with your family around a cozy fireplace or perhaps visiting other homes enjoying the meaning of Christmas. Perhaps you are listening to you favorite Christmas carols and letting the beautiful melodies take you back to your childhood days of yesteryear.
We know that the melodic voices of the Met-Telic-kih will bring you that special Christmas feeling. Bunny Sklepowich and Linda Shydlowsky have blended their voices in a very unique style to bring you a variety of Ukrainian and English Carols.
The “Met-Telic-Kih” brings you warm gentle versions of both Ukrainian & English Christmas carols which will make your festive season more enjoyable…. Baba’s Records.