Polka Round the Town - Ron Nagel

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The first in the Polkamania Series is by none other than Polkatron Ron, (Ron Nagel). The disc is filled with 15 great polkas, all of which are original compositions. Ron shares the label with other great players like Walter Ostanek and Frankie Yankovic. 
1. The village polka
2. Martre polka 
3. Muddy river polka
4. Flyaway polka
5. Golden leaf polka
6. Cabbage rolls and coffee polka
7. Carousel waltz
8. Polka 100 
9. Polka round the town
10. Ron’s ramble 
11. Saturday night polka
12. Sunday morning polka
13. Round table polka
14. Berkan’s waltz
15. Down the road polka