One More Time - Bill Woloshyn's Interlake Polka Kings
BRCD 2098

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Forty something years later, and the Interlake Polka Kings are still going strong and continue to entertain their loyal fans.  It was in early 2003 that the original m embers reunited after a long break, and the group is back in the summer of 2006 with a brand new instrumental album featuring some of their best known tunes, as well as some new ones.  This album is the response to the fans that love to dance to the band’s unique sound.

There is one new member who has joined the band since their last album “Together Again” in early 2004.  Peter Karish is an accomplished singer and guitarist who is a crowd favorite wherever the band entertains live across the Prairie Provinces.  Glen Ambrose appears as a guest artist and makes a significant contribution to the band with his instrumental styling on the bass and lead guitar, as well as the cymbaly.

They join Bill & Mary Woloshyn, who started the Interlake Polka Kings in the early 1960’s their son Carl Woloshyn and Dennis Nykoliatiion.  Their Fans will be pleased to hear that the band is playing some their favorite dance music “one more time”

Producer by: Bill Woloshyn & Denis Nykoliation & Shane Ward

CD Lineup

1.    Saskatchewan Wedding March
2.    Swamp Lake Polka
3.    Old Virginia Waltz
4.    Claire’s Polka
5.    Little Green Valley
6.    Rabbit Hill Polka
7.    Hill Top Waltz
8.    Trail Rider’s Polka
9.    Seven Step
10.    10 Below Polka
11.    Logan’s Waltz
12.    Maxim Michael’s Polka
13.    Peter Lamb’s Polka
14.    Happy Times Schottische
15.    Tavern Waltz
16.    A-Hee A-Hee Polka
17.    Ward Allen’s Polka
18.    Ivy Polka
19.    Westphalia Waltz
20.    Fisher Polka
21.    The Crooked Stove Pipe