No More Bread N' Butter - Ukrainian Old Timers
BRCD 2072

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It’s what you’ll experience as the Ukrainian old timers offer you this volume 16 release loaded with songs and music you’ll love. The Ukrainian old timers don’t mind how you enjoy this music as long as you take this music to heart and have a good time. Maybe you’re a senior living in your golden years, or a young whipper snapper feeling your oats, or the farmer on his john Deere tractor, or a housewife making perogies and cooking borsch, or someone who jogs or rides a bicycle or like to site back in your favorite easy chair. Or maybe you tune into your favorite zabava program on the radio.
We trust you’ll enjoy this 16th volume by the Ukrainian old timers as much as you’ve enjoyed the others. So take this CD to you next outing or camping trip, listen to it while doing farm chores, working at home, or in the pick up truck. You can even take it to your next zabava !
So relax. Enjoy. Play/re play… and tell everyone else about this Ukrainian Old timers release!
1. No more bread n butter
2. Grandpa’s Backwoods polka
3. Perohy/Perohy
4. Saskatchewan wheatfields
5. I once had a girl
6. Eva’s waltz
7. Donuts
8. Full moon polka
9. Chisnick
10. Dry river polka
11. Sweet fern waltz
12. Sweet 17
13. Eddystone waltz
14. Cochita Kowalski