Nestor Pistor For Prime Minister - Nestor Pistor
sscd 4055

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CD Lineup


  1. Intro                                                          
  2. Nestor Pistor For Prime Minster            
  3. Nestor’s political speech                      
  4. Somebody take him!                                  
  5. Inflation woes                                                
  6. RPMC Police                                               
  7. The Mail system                                   
  8. Hard stance on crime                                    
  9. Back in the city again                                   
  10. Press conference                                   
  11.  Mari what?                                  
  12. Country is going to the dog’s                       
  13. That reminds me of a story…                       
  14. Poem about the dollar                        
  15. The post master                                    
  16. What you crazy, I’ll make him sexy           
  17. Fish n Chips                                                
  18. That’s enough about unemployment
  19. That’s my final question          
  20.  Pistor for Prime Minister reprise


Produced by Don Ast/John Ford

Art direction/concept: Wayne R Jordan

Recorded At Damon Studios

Engineer Gary Mcdonall


Re mastered by Shane Ward at Platinum Gold Studios, Winnipeg, MB