My Life And Times By Ernest Monias
SSCD 4500

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The legendary Ernest Monias is back with his latest album, a collection and a look back at all of his best work. This is a special edition package, including 2 NEW unreleased songs. Every Ernest Monias fan needs this album in their collection. The album includes pictures, rare anecdotes & road stories from Ernest Monias.

“If you have a dream, follow it and you’ll get there, “ says Ernest “You have to be strong in your heart and keep going even when the road is rough and rocky.”

CD lineup

1. I hear you knockin
2. Good time Charlie’s got the blues
3. Be a woman to me
4. Stay awhile
5. Forever’s a long time
6. I saw the light
7. Hi, Hello, How are you
8. Dynamite Woman
9. Achin’ Breakin’ Heart
10. Chicken Truck
11. Can’t Help It
12. I’m getting suspicious
13. She and I
14. If I wanted you girl
15. Sometimes I feel like crying
16. Tear in my beer
17. When I was young
18. You’re still the one
19. That’s all mama
20. Ghost of the Whitehorse plains
21. Under the Boardwalk
22. Oh Marie