More Of The - Ambrose Brothers

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We are pleased to present to you, our fans, our 1st recording. We hope you enjoy the mix of old time and country selections.
To my friends and supporters I have made over the years, I dedicate the following selection of songs you have requested.
  1. Woz’s Polka
  2. Roman’s Polka
  3. Waltzing Through The Leaves
  4. La Verendrye Waltz
  5. Richmond Polka
  6. Oy Tih Kozachi
  7. Sobkowich’s Polka
  8. Twisting & Turning
  9. Rose Garden Polka
  10. Una Paloma
  11. Canadian Waltz
  12. St. Paul Waltz
  13. Yichi Yichi
  14. Saturday Night Waltz
  15. Winnipeg Butterfly