Memories Of A Ukrainian Christmas - The Ukrainian Oldtimers
BRCD 2024

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Many of us have found memories of days gone by and sometimes it is hard to realize how fast the years have slipped away. We are sure that everyone reminisces of the joyous Ukrainian Christmas festivities they have once experienced. You will enjoy our collection of Ukrainian Christmas songs, and Ukrainian music, for years to come.
01. Christmas Blessing – Introduction
02.God Everlasting
03 .In Bethlehem
04. Wonderful News
05. Rejoice
06. Heaven & Earth
07. Everybody Dance Polka
08. The Happy Wanderer
09. Christmas Courtesy Dance
10. Sowing The Fields Dance
11. The Geese
12. Old Timers Lament
13. Blossoming Roses
Vocalists: Steve & Ann Salamandyk, Alex & Ann Shydlowsky, John & Joey Goy
Musicians: Peter Picklyk – Violin, Nester Shydlowsky – Accordion, Linda Shydlowsky – Acoustic Guitar,
Dialogue: Petro Pushtar