Live Volume 1 - Ernest Monias
SSCD 4265

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Ernest Monias has been entertaining for many years he enjoys performing and singing to a crowd of his fans. Ernest has recorded numerous recordings over the years so his many fans could always enjoy listening to him anytime, anywhere and for any occasion. Here’s another one for his fans, on this release you will find many of Ernest’s favorites.
1. House Of The Rising Sun
2. The Rock
3. If I Wanted You Girl
4. I’m In Love
5. When I Was Young
6. Before You Accuse Me
7. Green River
8. California Blue
9. The Only Reason Is Love
10. Boss Man
11. Say You Love Me All The Time
12. Life Still Goes On
Instrumentation: Ernest Monias – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Orville Monias – Drums, Garnet Monias – Rhythm Guitar, Delaney Monias – Vocals, Lead Guitar, Zack Settee – Bass