Live - Mickey Sheppard
BRCD 2075

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This entertaining and hilarious album is recommended for adults only. Mickey Sheppard uses his unique voice and sense of humour to deliver a very funny album of jokes and songs that will keep you laughing all night long.
Singing in ten different languages, Mickey is detemined to bring ethnic humour to a whole new level. This album makes it tough to be French, Scottish, Italian, Irish, Ukrainian, Jewish, Polish, German, or English. This album is different because when the comedy wears out, the music can continuously be enjoyed.
01. Frenchman - French Jokes, This Land Is Your Land Song, The French Song (Fr. & Eng.)
02. The Scots People -Scotch Jokes, The Scottish Soldier Song
03. Italians - Italian Jokes, The Butcher Boy Song, Mickey's Views On Sex
04. The Irishman - Irish Jokes, Off To Dublin
05. The Ukrainians - A Dozen Uke. Jokes, This Land Is Your Land Song, EE Shoomit EE Hoodit
06. Obey The Jewish Man - Jewish Jokes, Hava Na Gila
07. Polkas - Polish Song, Bobby Vinton Stories
08. German - Arty Johnson, Lilli Marlene
09. England and Englishmen - English Jokes, Winston Churchill