Live At World Championship Snowgolf Nestor Pistor
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Nestor Pistor

Live at the World Championship Snowgolf

Digitally Remastered from original master tapes. 

CD Lineup


  1. Introduction                                   
  2. My Crazy Brother                        
  3. One Of My Friends                         
  4. Big Marriage In Vegreville             
  5. Hunting Story                                    
  6. The Ukrainian Army                        
  7. This One Guy                                     
  8. Grandpa’s Story                         
  9. Ukrainian Guy From Vegreville           
  10. The Moosejaw Opera                        
  11.  Mrs. Jrobsishun’s Baby        
  12. Thank you very much                         


Nestor Pistor came into the entertainment spotlight in 1970 and since that time has brought laughter to many thousands of Canadians across the country.  Nestor claims to be one of Canada’s most fun Ukrainians and proves on this album that he definitely can be considered a Master Story-Teller.  He’s a likeable character who’s performance at the World Championship Snowgolf Tournament at Prince George, B.C.  Helped to make the Tournament weekend the super fun three days it was.  Many of those who appreciated the adult humor of Nestor Pistor suggested that he make an album as a Souvenir of the World Championship Snowgolf Tournament. – The result of these requests is inside this cover.  Don Ast of Edmonton is the man behind Nestor Pistor.  Don has been in show biz for eight years.  For five years he performed as a vocalist and comedian entertaining in Nightclubs across the country and on Television.  The audiences appreciated his humor so much that when the ethnic story craze took over in the late 60’s Don devoted his attention to comedy and Nestor Pistor was born.  It’s a pleasure working with Don who has become one of our biggest Snowgolf booster’s.


Don Prentice,

World Championship Snowgolf Chairman