Life Was Given To Us Hanisha Singers
SSCD 4588

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The Hanisha Singers are from Whitefish Bay, Ontario.  We are dedicating these songs to the youth, and the elders of today, and also to hose who have passed to the spirit world.  The Hanisha Singers have learned from the elders that song and dance is a gift from the creator.  The Creator is they're dancing with the people as they sing, the Elders are our teachers, and the Hanisha Singers are honoring them with these songs, as well as the youth. 

We would like to honor a member of the Hanisha Singers that passed on to the spirit world, he was with the drum group from the beginning, one who sang with pride and also provided humility and laughter to the Hanisha Singers.  We also dedicate these songs to him.  Thomas Paypompee Jr.  We would also like to extend our appreciation to Charlie and Anna Minshall for their support in making this possible.  Miigweech! 

CD Lineup 

1.  Everybody's Song 
2.  Men's Traditional 
3.  Jingle Dress Round Dance 
4.  Harry Windego's Song 
5.  Intertribal 
6.  Tommy White's Song 
7.  Intertribal 
8.  Jingle Dress Straight 
9.  Tommy & Howard's Good Ol' Days 
10.  Ladies Traditional 
11.  Ladies Traditional Round Dance 
12.  Treaty 3 Anthem