Kick Ass Polkas - The Ukrainian Oldtimers
BRCD 2162

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 It’s “kick Ass polkas” by the Ukrainian oldtimers!  Highly recommended for young and old and everyone in between.  Here is a collection of the best dirt kickin’ – knee slappin’ – “Ass Kickin” polkas on the face of the earth!

All you have to is listen to the rhythm and the lively beat of the Ukrainian Oldtimers to be convinced that they are truly “Kick Ass Polkas”

These polka are great for any zabava event, but do be careful and be observant of your driving speed as you are motorin down the highway.  It’s very easy to let these polkas get you carried away above the posted speed limit

Just in case you do get pulled over by any law enforcement office, make sure that the CD is playing nice and loud. Then you tell the office do you blame me?   Just listen to these polkas (there is a good chance he will let you off with a warning). 

All in all this release of 18 Kick Ass Polkas should put you into a state of mind to be joyous and carefree it might be contagious! 

Enjoy – Enjoy – Enjoy

CD Lineup

  1. Hot peppers (pa-pri-ka) polka
  2. 8 cyclinder polka
  3. frazerwood whiskey polka
  4. oil on the clutch polka
  5. hiccup polka
  6. simyons Polka
  7. massey 44 polka
  8. heartburn polka
  9. dust raising polka
  10. karen’s polka
  11. farmer’s polka
  12. john deere polka
  13. hoosha shoosha polka
  14. baler twine polka
  15. sparks off the anvil
  16. oldtimers polka
  17. polandskie polka
  18. willy’s polka