Kapusta Kids

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01. Hutzel
02. Ukrainian Waltz Medley
03. Ver Khovena
04. Yasha Hordnee
05. Traditional Wedding March
06. Ukrainian Kolomeyka
07. Bandura Waltz
08. Kapusta Polka
09. Balamute Waltz
10. Kozachok
11. Hopak
12. Kozak
13. Kolomeyka Medley
14. Expectations Waltz
15. Ukrainian Fantasy
16. Ukrainian Wedding March
17. Rainbow Waltz
18. Ukrainian Love Polka
19. Clarine Waltz
20. Siyanka
21. E Shomit Medley
Yes! "The Kapusta Kids" are here at last! They are a group formed of seasoned musicians, performing traditional Ukrainian tunes at their very best. Two former D-Drifters members Yogi Klos and Tony Roman, combine their talents with Johnny Kowalchuk, Ray Chiupka and Andrew (AJ) Chabidon to offer you a unique styling in Ukrainian Music. This recording will offer you countless hours of entertainment. ENJOY!