It's A Heartburn - Nestor Pistor
sscd 4056

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CD Lineup


  1. Intro – M.C. Dave Cash                   
  2. You Didn’t Vote For Me                 
  3. Puppy Dog                       
  4. Schnauzer                              
  5. Celebration Anyone                  
  6. Brother in Law Louie                   
  7. Anybody From Outta Town            
  8. It’s A Heartburn                        
  9. Rubber Boots                        
  10. The Golfers                       
  11. Superman                       
  12. New Decree                  
  13. You’ve The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly   


Produced By Don Ast And Darryl Goede For Nestor Pistor Productions Ltd. 


Engineer: Jim Robertson

Cover Photo: Jon Murray

Art Direction/Concept: Wayne Jordan


Guitar And Bass – Darryl Goede

Steel And Guitar – Rob Williams

Drums And Percussion – Mike Harney

Keyboards – Myron Koch

Harmonica – Rob Storeshaw


Recording at Machine Shop Audio Recording Ltd, Edmonton, Alberta

Comedy portion of this album was recorded live in the bootlegger Cabaret at the Newton Inn, Surrey, B.C. with special thanks to Don McKenzie, Studio City Musical, Edmonton, Alberta.

P.S. – “O Yah, Tanks From Nestor to all uze fans who showed up date nite”


Remastered by Shane Ward At Platinum Gold Studios, Winnipeg, MB