INNU NIKAMU - Ernest Monias
SSCD 4261

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1. Barroom Dancing Girl
2. Never Been To Spain
3. Before You Accuse Me
4. I’m Not Strong Enough To Say No
5. Comfortably Numb
6. Born On The Bayou
7. I’d Love You To Want Me
8. She’s Getting’ A Rock
9. Hold Back The Water
10. Down To You
This album has been long awaited by the many following that we have right across our sacred land. I extend to you all my sincerest appreciation for you continued support in.
Instrumentation: Ernest Monias – Vocals, Rhythm, Harmonies, Orville Monias – Drums & Vocals, Garnet Monias – 2nd Lead, Rhythm, Delaney Monias – Vocals, Lead & Harmonies, Zack Settee - Bass