Hillbilly Music - Ukrainian Oldtimers
BRCD 2058

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Hillbilly music as it is known originated in the hills of Tennessee and is still very popular to this day. You may be asking yourself how did the Ukrainian old-timers come up with this concept, well its very simple. All of the group members were born and raised in a small rural town or farm in western Canada. Secondly, the Ukrainian Old-timers have been known for their humor and down to earth dirt kickin ‘music. So they decided to just let their hair down and “let it rip”.
Usually what you will hear in Hillbilly music is a fiddle, squeeze box (accordion), banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar, (hammered dulcimer) cymbally, and some percussion instruments.
Well that’s the line-up of instruments that the Ukrainian old-timers play. Foot stompin, smoking hot, pedal to the metal music – that is combined with a blend of Ukrainian music and a touch of bluegrass music offering you the fan, an incredible sound that you will enjoy immensely.
Experience Ukrainian hillbilly music at its very best. Songs, instruments, stories and comedy in the Ukrainian old-timers tradition. We here at Baba’s records surely hope that you will enjoy Volume 11 as much as we enjoyed producing it for you.
1. Oil on the Clutch
2. Bom Kih Byo
3. Official “Ukrainian Zabava Song”
4. Sta-ray Mcdonald
5. Paragraphs
6. The Rooster Song
7. Macarena
8. Boil the kapusta
9. If I had a million dollars
10. I’ve been everywhere
11. Home Brew
12. 7 Drunken Nights
13. Ho-roh Zkapustoom (peas and cabbage)