Here We Go Again- Nestor Pistor
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Here we go again

Nestor Pistor 


Digitally Remastered from original master tapes.


CD Lineup

  1. Here we go again                                    
  2. Put up traffic lights                                    
  3. Too much perogie                         
  4. Ice fishing                                               
  5. Polly want a cracker                                
  6. Start to get gas again                                 
  7. Ukrainain Quiz                                   
  8. Where is that kid                      
  9. 15 horses                                            
  10. They do when they give it to me            
  11. Heavy heartburn                       
  12. Physical Instructor                                 
  13. Train from Winnipeg                               
  14. New house in Edmonton                      
  15. Coal bin                                                
  16. Before I go                                                




This Pistor person makes me anticipate Armageddon with eagerness.  He is a block upon the escutcheon of Humanity.  A pox on him! But don’t quote me.


-Signed anonymous


I know nothing about it.  I was on the eastern front.

-Signed Obergefreiter Adolf Busch, retired.


Nestor Pistor has proven Darwin’s theory.  Leo Darwin’s theory… that bathing is deleterious to your sex life and your banana tree.

-Signed Tyrone Horneigh


May the same dogs that chase me, chase Pistor and bit oh his Chalamyeky

-Signed Pyotr Rushmenko * As opposed to Choobik En Goobis P.R.


If Pistor can have an album, cannot the eagle have his eye, the toad his wart and the camel his hump.

-Signed Ragi Shanquar


This sequel to “Bobby Hull Sings Romanian Harvest Songs” should be a welcome addition.  To what I don’t know.

-Signed Arte Johnson


Recorded live at the Club 50’s Cabaret, Prince George, B.C. Canada

Announcer: Don Prentice, CJCI World Championship Snowgolf Chairman

Arranged by Don Ast

Art Direction: Paul Dinisen, Graphic Signs & Silkscreening

Pictures courtesy of Dave Milne, The Citizen Daily and Sooters Studios

Sound Direction: Bill Boogardt & Dave Borden

Liner Notes: Arte Johnson


Remastered By Shane Ward, Platinum Gold Studios, Winnipeg, MB