Greatest Hits - The Interlake Polka Kings
BRCD 2059

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We have been entertaining for approximately 34 years and during this era we have developed many fans throughout Canada. As we sit back and reminisce about the good ole days, we can still envision those many dance halls packed to capacity. Thousands upon thousands of fans have come to our many concerts and danced to our music. We are honored in compiling a variety of Vocals, Polkas, Foxtrots, Waltzes and Kolomeykas that will bring back many fond memories.
We hope that you will find great enjoyment in listening to this recording as we have had in making these selections possible for you. Sit back, relax, enjoy, sing along and if you the urge kick up your heels. Thanks for all those great years.
1. Interlake Polka
2. Hundza
3. Ivy Polka
4. I loved a Man
5. Church in the wildwood
6. Vidse Hora
7. Wedding March
8. Kalabiyou
9. Favorite Polk a
10. Golden Sunset Foxtrot
11. Manitoba Kolomeyka
12. Qu’appelle Valley Polka
13. Saskatchewan wedding March
14. Hop along Polk a
15. Lonely Side of Town
16. Bills Polka
17. The Mistress went to Church
18. Easy Polka
19. Juba
20. Money Problems
21. Courting kozak
22. Old Port Butterfly
23. Lonely Hillside Waltz
24. Katrina Kolomeyka