Greatest Hits - Auntie Mary
BRCD 2080

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Just like her tote bag full of surprises such as Garlic, Kobassa, a “bottle” (of you know what), candies, bologna sandwiches this “Greatest recordings” package brings you a mix of some of her “Greatest Recordings”. You will hear everything from the Polka’s, Waltz’s, Sing longs, and flying kolomayka’s (where she almost lost her bra).
Auntie Mary is not your everyday Ukrainian performer, she is authentic, funny, very funny and down to earth a sweet heart of a performer. She is and will always be a legend in her time.
So here it is Auntie Mary’s “Greatest Hits” take her along to a zabava , into your car, truck, tractor combine, or a stereo in your house. Enjoy, get in the fun and tell others about it.
1. House Party Kolomeyka
2. Hot Sweat Polka
3. Rum Da Di Taw
4. When you leave me
5. Stone Boat Polka
6. Heel n Toe Polka
7. Auntie Mary’s Bull
8. Willie’s Polka
9. Lazy Housekeeper
10. Mala Ya Mozha
11. Back-up Ahead Bunny Hop
12. Lady’s Choice Polka
13. Don’t Blame Me
14. Auntie mary’s Kolomeyka