Golden Ukrainian Memories - Al Cherny's
BRCD 2167

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Here is a special collection of Ukrainian dance tunes that will be enjoyed by both young and old.

This is our Heritage; our Tradition and this is our Music.

The Ukraine, Birthplace of my parents.  Home to my relations: uncles, aunts and grandmother (Babushka).  This is my heritage.  I learned to play Ukrainian tunes as a child in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Weddings and dances was a way of social life for Ukrainian songs; and the instrumentals made up an important part of any function.  Listening to them, I am sure you will all feel the sense of excitement and activity.

As you are aware I have been a regular on the ” CBC TOMMY HUNTER SHOW.” Many of the selections on this album have been played at one time or another on the show and I hope some of your favorites are here.

Thirty assorted selections should bring you countless hours of listening and dancing enjoyment.

Al Cherny


  1. Early Bird Of Spring  
  2. Trambulianka 
  3. Anniversary Song 
  4. Bublitchki  
  5. Kolomeyka/Kozak/Ukrainska Kolomeyka  
  6. Chumak 
  7. Vioot Vitre 
  8. My Darlin Daughter/Hrechanyky  
  9. Jimminy Cricket Polka  
  10. Carpathian Waltz  
  11. Siyanka-Hoculka  
  12. Arkan/Hopak/Kolomeyka  
  13. Verxovena/Korobushka  
  14. Bandura Waltz 
  15. Trambowla Polka/Valley Farm Polka/Shumyt I Hudet  
  16. Kozachok  
  17. Balamut Waltz  
  18. Zaporozech (Sabre Dance)/Kozak II 
  19. Pride And Joy Polka/Wedding Polka/Pereproshany