Fiddle Party - Al Cherny's
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Al Cherny a household name that is known throughout North America.  "A Canadian Fiddle Champion".

His jolly, spirited technique will keep your feet tapping as you listen to his music.

He has appeared on National Television and toured many places that enlighten his musicians.  Al also headlined at Canada's National Ukrainian Festival for twenty (20) years.

Al won numerous Fiddle contests throughout Canada.  He was a regular performer on C.B.C.

T.V. , COUNTRY HOWDOWN” and “THE TOMMY HUNTER SHOW”  .  Al also appeared on sponsored tours during the 1960's in Europe and the middle Far East.

Al Cherny has been inducted into the “Canada's Country Music Hall of Fame” in 1989 and in 2015 into the "Ukrainian Musicians Hall of Fame".

He has numerous recordings released and now you will have the pleasure of listening or dancing to Al's music one more time.

  1. Alabama Jubilee/Down Yonder/Turkey In The Straw  
  2. Old Joe Clark/Golden Slippers/Boil Them Cabbage Down  
  3. Rubber Dolly/Maple Sugar  
  4. Spanish Two-Step/Little Home In West Virginia  
  5. Orange Blossom Special 
  6. Maiden's Prayer/Faded Love/Sand Antonio Rose  
  7. Golden Wedding Waltz/Blue Skirt Waltz  
  8. Life In The Finland Woods/Westphalia Waltz 
  9. Cold, Cold Heart/Your Cheatin' Heart  
  10. Last Date/Sleep Walk  
  11. Perdido  
  12. In The Mood  
  13. Tennessee Waltz/Fascination/Anniversary Waltz  
  14. Melody Of Love  
  15. Anniversary Song  
  16. French Minuet  
  17. Al's Seven Step 
  18. Happy Hours Schottische  
  19. Shannon Waltz/Let Me Call You Sweetheart
  20. Road To The Isles/Scotland The Brave
  21. Irish Washerwoman/McNamara's Band 
  22. Beer Barrel Polka/Wedding Polka  
  23. Heel And Toe Polka  
  24. Clarinet Polka  
  25. Butterfly Dance  
  26. Bird Dance  
  27. Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White/Yellow Bird/Never On A Sunday  
  28. Dark Eyes/Spanish Eyes 
  29. Autumn Leaves