Favorite Ukrainian Songs Baba's & Dido's
BRCD 2117

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Who were Grandma & Grandpa? What were they like? Could you please tell me more about them?

The "Baba and Didos" release is an attempt to attach special meaning to the above statements by capturing and putting forth on to a long playing album memorable symbolism often associated with grandparents - traditional music & song.

CD Lineup

1.  I'm going to the mill
2.  Beyond the green forest
3.  The girl stood in the porch
4.  The mountain stands tall
5.  Roaring and moaning
6.  Boys, unharness your horses
7.  The girl was walking alongside the river band
8.  Hard blowing wind
9.  The kozaks are whistling
10.  The swallow is singing
11.  Tell me the truth
12.  The seagull is flying over the pond