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Ernest Monias "Greatest Hits"
SSCD 4262

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This compilation contains a selection of songs that have been previously recorded at Sunshine Records in Winnipeg, Manitoba between the years of 1979 up to the present.
These songs were carefully selected due to their popularity amongst the many fans Ernest has earned over the years. More importantly the Monias Family & Sunshine Records dedicate this album with great respect to the First Nation Communities, because of the colossal support they have given us.
1. If I Wanted You Girl
2. Stay Awhile
3. Forever’s a Long Time
4. She’s About A Mover
5. Call Me The Breeze
6. This Drinkin’
7. You’ve Got A Reason
8. I Hear You Knockin
9. Say You Love Me
10. Getting Suspicious
11. Wish I Could Break This Habit
12. Shadow Of Your Distant Friend
13. No More One More Time
14. Devil’s On The Loose
15. Out Of Time
16. You’re Still The One
17. Some Times I Feel Like Crying
18. When I Was Young
19. Chicken Truck