BY SACRED WATERS - Sakoieta Widrick

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Flute music is considered to be holy and has a healing power of its own when played by a man with his head and mind in the right place. The flute is an instrument of peace and shows honor for the female. Much prayer accompanies the making and playing of a flute. It is an instrument that embodies all of the thoughts, emotions, and prayers of the player. It has been said that a bad person with a troubled soul cannot play the flute or enjoy its music. We have found this to be true. Flutes used on this album are handmade.
Sakioeta Widrick, non-status Mohawk, originally comes from upper New York State and now resides in Manitoba. He is a spiritual counselor, educator, singer, dancer, craftsman, and artist. His work is focused on keeping alive the rich cultural heritage of the Iroquois of the U.S. and Canada. His work focuses strongly on living and teaching a lifestyle that is drug and alcohol free and devoted to prayer and peace.
1. Zuni Sunrise Song
2. Pipe Song
3. Rainbow Earth Woman Song
4. Somewhere a child is born
5. Shoni’s prayer song
6. Amazing grace
7. Eagle’s call 
8. Peace like a river 
9. Red willow lullaby