Beauty Is Not Contagious - Migrena
BRCD 2069

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1. Persha Lybov
2. Karta
3. Ivanku , Ivanku
4. Rozpryahayte Hloptsi Koni
5. Hutsulka Ksenya
6. Vesit Yablko
7. Oy te Nichenko
8. Marusya
9. Oksano, Oksano
10. Susidka

I told my friend Emil that “I liked the songs but that’s not the way I would play them”. At the time we were attending many different Ukrainian parties and the songs were all played the same way and we felt that this isn’t the way they should be played. Emil said to me at one of these parties “why don’t we just form a band and play the songs the way we want” and that’s really how Migrena was born.