Barn Dance - The Ukrainian Oldtimers
BRCD 2026

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Oh I’m sure you have heard of the good ole days of the old fashioned barn dance or perhaps you have personally attended and witnessed this memorable occasion. The smell of homemade apple pie, fresh coffee brewing, the sounds of crickets, the smell of alcohol, happy people everywhere and a hot Ukrainian band that could play the roof off any barn, that’s what an old fashioned barn dance was all about.
1. Barn dance polka
2. Heartburn Polka
3. Nellie’s Waltz
4. Old-timer’s Polka
5. Patsy’s Waltz
6. Hiccup Polka
7. Out Behind The Barn Polka
8. dust Raising Polka
9. Apple Pie Waltz
10. Rooster’s Polka
11. Six pak Polka
12. Barnstorming Butterfly