Back Up and Push - Prairie Crocus
BRCD 2096

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There are many groups that can play good Ukrainian Old Time Music, but Prairie Crocus is an exception. These five gentleman jell together a very unique sound that will create a sensation for you listening and dancing pleasure.
This is definitly one of the finest recordings on Baba's Label and we will make sure that we bring you many more releases by them.
Baba's records welcomes Prairie Crocus to their roster of great Ukrainian artists. Enjoy !
Track List 
1.  Liberty Two Step
2.  Songbird Polka 
3.  Keystone waltz
4.  Valley river polka 
5.  Highland Schottische
6.  Christine Polka 
7.  Crooked stove pipe 
8.  Aurora waltz
9.  Guitar/accordion polka 
10.  Flop eared mule
11.  Heel and toe
12.  Uncle Bill's polka 
13.  Back up and push 
14.  Madera waltz
15.  GIdo's polka 
16.  Off to battle kolomeyka