A Ukrainian Tradition - The Ukrainian Oldtimers
BRCD 2062

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Just like the four seasons change, well the Ukrainian old timers have the ability to change music styles. Volume 12 the long awaited recording by the Ukrainian old-timers is jam packed with instrumentals and songs that will bring you great listening pleasure. Fourteen selections carefully chosen, well rehearsed, with countless hours of the studio recording will defiantly make volume 12 one of the finest recordings of its time.
1. Hillside Polka
2. You Are My Sunshine
3. Life on the Farm
4. Mastega Polka
5. Kozak Medley
6. Doroha Moya Mama
7. Pauls poo pits Polka
8. Trail Rider polka
9. Ukrainian Medley
10. Perohy
11. Wheels Are turning
12. Dnipro
13. Zabava
14. Ukrainian National Anthem