A Ukrainian House Party - Auntie Mary
BRCD 2048

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Traditionally, House Parties were a time of people getting together for a good time and fellowship. The smells of fresh coffee brewing, apple pies in the wood stove, perogies boiling in a big pot, and home-made Kubassa gave a special "charm" to the room. Add a jug or two of someone’s favorite brew and the party soon became a memorable occasion. Usually neighbors, relatives, musicians and friends would gather together at someone’s house and party until the wee hours of the morning.
Now, after 20 years of retirement Auntie Mary is back with a new album titled “A Ukrainian House Party”. It is packed full of fun, laughter, dancing, singing, and everything you need to get intouch with your "Inner Ukrainian". Sit back with some friends and reminisce about the good old days when House Parties were popular. Laugh, dance, and sing a song at the best party that was made just for you.

01. The Zabava Polka
02. Lady’s Choice Polka
03. Hootsee Moyee Hootsee
04. Sweating Polka
05. The Kohoot song
06. Auntie Mary Sings To Ker Koom
07. Chuban
08. Heel ‘n’ Toe Polka
09. House Party Kolomayka
10. E Shoomit
11. Mala Ya Moozha
12. 7-Step
13. When You Leave Me
14. Old Fashioned Love Affair
15 Willie’s Polka
16. Don’t Blame ME
17. Maria Prochie
18. Party’s Over Kolomayka

Musicians: Auntie Mary – Vocals; Boris Nowosad – Violin; Linda Shydlowsky – Bass Guitar; Darren Gayaluk – Drums; Nester Shydlowsky – Accordion; Bill Scherbatiuk – Lead Guitar; Special Guest – Petro Pushtar.