A Ukrainain Country Style Wedding - Peter Lamb
brcd 2123

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Let's turn back the pages of time and reminisce about an old fashion Ukrainian wedding.  The aroma of home made foods as you enter the hall, the bands lively wedding marches greets you at the door.  the wedding party clapping their hands to the tempo of the music as you greet the honored couple.  Then before you now it there's the smell of beer as they crack open the tap of the beer barren and then (yes lets not forget) someone pours you some samahonkaa (homebrew, white lightning) or whatever you want to call it.

CD Lineup
1.  Veenki
2.  Going To Church Veevot
3.  Coming OUt Of Chruch Veevot
4.  Coming into Hall Veevot
5.  Ukrainian Kolomayka
6.  Bride and groom waltz
7.  The wedding waltz
8.  guests Veevot
9.  Handzia
10.  guest's veevot
11.  Lukash polka
12.  Holoob
13.  kozak
14.  bride and groom Vitania
15.  Hostee Vitayoot Bride and groom
16.  wedding polka