A Tribute to the Ukrainian Farmer - The Ukrainian Oldtimers
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These men and women became known to everyone as “the farmers”. The Farmers cleared the land, removed the tree stumps, plowed, cultivated and seeded their fields all mostly by hand. It was back breaking work that saw husbands, wives and children work side by side from dawn till dusk each day.
The Ukrainian old-timers are 2nd and 3rd generation children of farmers. Each member of the Ukrainian old times were born and raised on the farm. They all worked along side their parents, plowing , seeding , clearing bush, thrashing, cutting wood, milking cows, feeding pigs and chickens, preserving, baking, stoking, dancing, and yes ! Playing music and singing songs.
1. John Deere Polka
2. Roosters polka
3. Baba’s Farm polka
4. Ye Bik
5. 8 Cyclinder
6. McCormick Deering Polka
7. Life on the Farm
8. Spark Plug Polka
9. Stone Boat
10. Chissnock
11. Baler Twine Polka
12. Country Dance Waltz
13. The rooster song
14. Barndance polka
15. ½ ton polka
16. Pork chops polka
17. Hey Hoie Vihselaw
18. The Farmers wedding march
19. Prairie Sunset Waltz
20. Home Brew
21. Country Schottische
22. Woo Saw
23. Farmyard Butterfly
24. Mnohiya-Leeyta