20 Legendary Ukrainian Fiddlers - Various Artists
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Throughout the history of the music industry there has always been legendary performers.  There is no exception to the legends of Ukrainian Music.  Here is a collection of some of the best Ukrainian legendary fiddlers in the history of Canadian Ukrainian Music.

These fiddlers are indeed legends in their own way, either performing with their own band or with other orchestra's.  Each fiddler has contributed countless music selections that they have composed and or arranged.  many had and still have their own recordings on the market for us to enjoy.  Some have been recognized by their peers and the music industry and have been awarded various plaques and trophies for their accomplishments, and yet others are the "Unsung Hero's" with little recognition. 

But whoever they are and whatever acknowledgment they have received we are saluting them for there "valued" contributions.  We salute them all as the best "Ambassadors of Ukrainian Fiddle Music".  They are truly Ukrainian Legendary Fiddlers who have triumphantly kept the Ukrainian culture alive.

CD Lineup

1.  Taram Polka - Metro Radomsky
2.  Farmer's Polka - Steve Myk
3.  Mom's Waltz - Tommy Buick
4.  Triblanka Polka - Romko
5.   Harmony Waltz - Ernie Citulsky
6.  Carpathia Polka - Jim Gregrash
7.  Sundown Polka - Peter lamb
8.  Jim's Bunny Hop - Morris Slamandyk
9.  Eastern Polka - Johnny Kinasewich
10.  Sobie's Polka - Al Sobkowich
11.  Lime Stone Lake Polka - Anton Ewasuik
12.  Nellie's Waltz - Mike Grywinski
13.  Swingsters Polka - Pete Gargus
14.  Walashek's Polka - Dennis Nykoliation
15.  Alberta Polka - Boris Nowosad
16.  Green Valley Waltz - Joe Hrycyk
17.  Chychul Polka - Johnny Barteski
18.  Hopak - Gail Neduzak
19.  Ukrainian Medley - Wally Knash
20.  Ukranski Kolomeyka - Yogi Klos