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1. Halleluiah I’m Ready To Go – Robby Brass 
2. Crying Holy – Wholesome Bluegrass 
3. You Just Kept on Loving Me – Clarence Stefanson 
4. Amazing Grace – George Anderson 
5. Drifting Too Far From The Shore – Wholesome Blue Grass 
6. I Can’t Even Walk (Without Holding Your Hand) – Ed Prince 
7. Where Could I Go – George Anderson 
8. Dreaming of a Cabin – Wholesome Bluegrass 
9. The Awakening – Lionel Dejarlis 
10. Seven Spanish Angels – Robbie Brass 
11. Will The Circle Be Unbroken – Wholesome Bluegrass 
12. Who Will Sing For Me – George Anderson 
13. Father in the Mirror – Ed Prince 
14. If You Could Read My Mind – Clarence Stefanson
15. God must be a Cowboy at Heart – Robbie Brass 
16. Give Yourself To Jesus – Lionel Dejarlis 
17. Give Thanks to the Saviour – George Anderson
18. One Day At A Time – Wholesome Bluegrass 
There is no trade without transport and it is your abilities that keep everything rolling smoothly. Like the early covered wagons, you go beyond where the last rail line ends into nearly every nook and cranny of this great land.
Being on the road day after day can be draining on our minds and soul. Sometimes we need to re-direct our focus and look into the spiritual side of our lives. This compilation of Inspirational Songs will bring you many miles of enjoyment. God Bless!